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Description of activities

Coffee Club

Different themes will be discussed, and communication tools will be put in place to facilitate communication. Example: How to take control of my life after a stroke. Where can I find help? Affirmation/respect/power on my life (self-worth). Speakers will be invited (notary, nutritionist, etc.).

Language stimulation

Series of exercises of language development, writing and calculations to help aphasic persons communicate according to their rhythm and capacity. They will learn how to make themselves understood by gestures and in writing. This learning process aims at their social integration and their adaptation to the living environment.

Adapted physical exercises

Physical exercise after a stroke is extremely important. The oxygen intake for blood going to the rain is essential. Furthermore, to raise awareness of all the body parts, even those which are numb, increases the capacity to control them.

Techniques used:

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a method aiming to stimulate the brain’s faculties. While doing precise movement and exercises, it is possible to re-activate the lateralisation, concentration, memory and organisation. It is a marvelous alternate technique enabling academic learning as well as for the three realms of the human being: emotion, intellectual and physical.

Viactive Impact*

Exercise routines developed and validated by kinesiologists to make them safe and adapted for people of 50 and older.

The IMPACT routines aim to integrate regular physical activities in the elderly and to encourage social contacts. Working on balance and muscle reinforcement, some physical exercises can prevent falls and minimise osteoporosis.

*Le plaisir de bouger pour tous Kino Québec

Music workshop

Music improves speech in aphasic persons. This workshop aims at working speech by singing known songs to stimulate affected zones of the brain, i.e. left hemisphere in the short and long terms. Many studies have shown that singing has positive impacts on humor and on self-worth as well as social skills.

A year-end show will be presented by the « LES DÉSCHAÎNÉS » choir.

Theatrical improvisation

The theatrical improvisation workshop encourages communication, oral and/or physical expression. It creates a group context aimed at fun and acceptance. Its aim is to learn or practice plays and do improvisation. Members will create a final play and will interpret it during the year-end show.

A year-end show is presented by the theater group « LES RIGOLOS ».

Art and paint workshop

The art workshop is adapted to aphasic persons and lets them discover their creative potential and is a different mode of expression (drawing, painting, sculpting, art creation and modeling clay) in an adapted environment. They can create and exchange on their creations while respecting each person’s capacity and rhythm.

Once on a while, we organize special and thematic events depending on the time of year.